libero news

Libero Floodlight for itsf

We are very proud that we produce the Floodlight for the ITSF, the international Table Soccer Federation - of course with the ITSF logo. All others can buy the flix Libero Floodlight with our logo, but with the same...

World record - with Libero Floodlight

Congratulations to Silpion in Hamburg for the biggest foosball tournament worldwide! Part of this tournament: the flix Libero floodlight. Thanks to the players for the very friendly feedback!

Store a foosball table into a car

How can a big foosball table be stored into a small car?Honestly, we don´t know it. Only idea is, to use a flix Libero - that´s, of course, easy peasy... see here.

Foosball-Champs with Libero

... words could hardly express, just how proud we are that our Libero is becoming increasingly popular amongst the best players worldwide. Here some video clips with the world champions  Josefine Heber, Lilly Andres and...