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Bolzmann - the Film

Bolzmann - after 20 years (Asolute Giganten) there is a new film with and about foosball.  One of the chief characters: flix Libero Sport. Yes, we are very proud! Here´s the trailer: click.

Ready: New ITSF Floodlight...

... here in our shop. In cooperation with the World Federation ITSF we designed a new floodlight: PURE SPORT. The name means that PURE SPORT is focussing on functionallity: it is just smaller as our other floodlights, spends...

Libero: official tournament table of the dtfb!

we are proud to announce:  flix Libero is the new partner of the German Foosball Federation DTFB ... from now on Challenger Tournaments can be played on Libero tables: click. However, it is still allowed just to have fun...

Worldcup with Libero Floodlight

.... we would like to say "Thank you" for the very friendly feedback to our Libero Floodlight!Here some impressions: click.

Libero Floodlight for itsf

We are very proud that we produce the Floodlight for the ITSF, the international Table Soccer Federation - of course with the ITSF logo. All others can buy the flix Libero Floodlight with our logo, but with the same...

World record - with Libero Floodlight

Congratulations to Silpion in Hamburg for the biggest foosball tournament worldwide! Part of this tournament: the flix Libero floodlight. Thanks to the players for the very friendly feedback!

Store a foosball table into a car

How can a big foosball table be stored into a small car?Honestly, we don´t know it. Only idea is, to use a flix Libero - that´s, of course, easy peasy... see here.

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