Libero Floodlight

Now we are really proud: flix is producer of the only official tournament floodlight for the world federation ITSF: click.

The Libero Floodlight fits together perfectly with the Libero. It doesn't just provide very good lighting, but is also very elegant, mobile and can be mounted in next to no time - on any table.


  • Optimal lighting without any shadowing or glaring
  • Playing field and the opponent are made clearly visible
  • Attaches to any table
  • Assembles with ease - requires no tools
  • Slim, lightweight and foldable 
  • Lamp does not heat up


The Libero Floodlight can be powered by a rechargable battery (battery life >10h), as the LEDs use very little electricity - so you can outdoor finally continue playing into the night.

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Floodlight Video: click
Libero Floodlight Info: click
Mounting magnets: click