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From the goal roof to the leg: the flix Libero Classic offers best materials, neat workmanship and many technical innovations.

Some of the achievements are spectacular, others sound irrelevant. We mean that perfection is recognisable in details.

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adjustable foot

Hight-adjustable, flexible mounted bearings, tops non slip and vibration absorbing. Every adjustable foot can be perfectly and independently levelled with the built in water level.

water level

To each adjustable foot belongs a water level. This allows you to exactly adjust the playfield.

 Please see yourself.


Multiplex is one of the most beautiful and at the same time strongest timbers to be found; it is ideal for an exquisite foosball table. We leave fibreboard (MDF) and veneered lumber-core plywood for our competitors. Our multiplex, which the Libero is completely built of, is 28 mm thick and hand oiled.

goal box

A complicated design, but beautiful to look at. It is made of Multiplex cut across in thin layers, stacked, glued, planed and carefully polished.

Due to the collapsible goal box, the Libero Classic is easy to fit in your car.


If you want to film your trick shots, the tipped up goal box allows for a broad perspective of the field.


The well thought out design has enabled a flatter side wall when compared to other foosball tables. You will recognise this immediately: the view into the playing field is comparably clear without bending over.

additional shields

Style up your Libero – any colour in combination with your company or club logo is possible.

goal post

The post made of polished aluminium serves as an elegant hinge for the collapsible goal box. 

The goal is 205mm - the official tournament size.


Takes care that no bottles fall on to the table. Reason: parking any bottle on top of the goal box is nearly impossible due to the embedded bar.

secret compartment

Space for all your necessary knickknack: balls, tapes etc.


When your next party comes up and  you don’t want to carry your Libero, simply fix two wheels on in 2 seconds, and roll your Libero anywhere.

If you don’t need your wheels for transport, store them in the secret compartment and let the axle vanish in the tables body.

goal wedge

That’s the name of the angular mounted board that prevents the ball from hitting back into the playfield. Another important function is the sound made when a goal is being scored. We have mounted a wedge made of massive beech for a wonderfully satisfying “TOCK”!

scoring unit

A cocky “KLACK” sounds when the stainless steel brick shows your new goal…nerve wracking for any opponent. The scoring unit should be visible... frustrating your opponent even more. For this reason the Libero scoring unit is mounted on an exposed position and not behind the goal as by many other tables.

goal bank

Most important for a goal bank – to keep the ball always inside the playfield. Thanks to the integrated level edge even the hardest shot bounces off flat. Balls that jump out of the field are history.

goal roof

The Libero logo has been cut with a laser out of the goal roof. Unique details like this make your foosball table a real eye catcher. For transportation, the roof is simply removed and stored in the secret compartment.

ball collect

As soon as you have made a goal, your opponent can withdraw the ball.


Every Libero already has the new official tournament playfield: the keeper stands on the line. 

corner ramp

The ball rolls and rolls and rolls … unlike other foosball tables, our unique way of elegantly integrating a corner ramp prevents any unnecessary breaks in the game:

We have invented an s-shaped corner ramp for constant play.

playfield marking

The perfect positioned lettering of "" allows the serious player to keep a more precise track of positional play and exact shots for offence and defence.


Resilient surface for the tables’ body and playing field.

lengthwise uplift

The playing field is slightly lifted along the sidelines. It is calibrated so that the ball always rolls, but low enough so that during bank shots the ball doesn’t take off.

ball entry

No cheating – thanks to a CNC-milled ball gouge, made of massive aluminium.


Actually they are tubes, because they are hollow, but rod sounds so much better. Our rods are made of hardest, annealed chromium plated and polished steel (16 x 3mm wall thickness). 

rods bearings

The Libero: first foosball table with double bearings! The great advantages:

1. Even a very bent rod runs smoothly.

2. It is made of very smooth Teflon, combined with nobel metal. Both are self-lubricating materials. There is less need for extra oil or grease.


The classic and elegant formed legs are folded underneath the table for storage and transportation.

All four legs have adjustable feet.

stabilizing rod

Locks the collapsible legs in place – even during a turbulent game.


Not too thick and not too thin, not too weak and not too hard. A often praised tournament grip.

world novelty

We proudly offer our new developed "Pro-Bumper", made of a very special plastic-foam. Whereas pro doesn't stand for professional but for progressive. What does that mean?

Our Pro-Bumber does not damp linear, but progressive. Therefore the game becomes a new dimension playing along the side wall.

When the Pro-Bumper hits the side wall it is very soft (and, very important for your neighbours: it is quiet!!). The damping with a classical bumper made of rubber is, even in the beginning, hard and loud.
Pro-Bumper: The more you squeeze it, the harder it becomes. A technical strong player can use this advantage of  the new progressive damping, by squeezing the bumper and bringing the players up to 10-12 mm closer to the sidewall. That opens a new variety of special shots.

And: No abrasion, no crumbling materials, no unsightly rubber marks. We give 2 years guarantee on the Pro-Bumber.


The slice protects the side of the bumper. Usually it is made of really tough plastic. Our slices are made of strong, but soft rubber. This way it is taken care of the foosball table, as ell as the ears of players and neighbours.


We mount the german tournament soccer players. They may not be pretty, but they are reliable. Black against grey. On request you may have any other player - surcharge added.

The rods are running in our famous double bearings. They are changed with the help of the folding doors.

folding door

We admit that the folding doors of a sports car are precisely made. However a foosball table with folding doors is just as cool. The foldable slats made of heavily polished aluminium ensure that you can install and replace the rods within no time.

tension lock

A simple, solid and most of all safe locking devise to keep the folding doors of your Libero closed. For this reason the complete setup and disassembly happens without any tool.

type label

Each Libero is a unicum, carefully handcrafted, and provided with an own serial number.