Libero means in Latin „liberty“. In football terms it describes the defender, which takes part in the attacking game.

The handmade flix Libero from our manufactory is going all the way to the front towards the top too. Therefore it is furnished with three characteristics: technical strong, extremely flexible and beautiful.

1. We believe, that in technical sight it is one of a kind. We have reinvented the ordinary foosball table without changing the game itself – we have improved it: discover the Libero

2. Like everything from flix the Libero is flexible, it is the “free” among all tournament tables. With just a few quick clicks your foosball table is a box on wheels that fits in every broom or every car. Whether it be an exhibition, a spontaneous party or on top of Himalaya, Libero is always part of it.

3. The Libero is a real beauty. For one thing, it is carefully handcrafted with high quality materials. For another, we have designed the Libero to décor even your living room.

If you don’t have one yourself, you can rent one. Unfortunately, this is very expensive, considering that the cost for transportation is often more than the actual renting fee.  For the Libero you don’t need a transporter, it fits easily into a small car. Below lending you find the nearest one to you.

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