Why does exist the Libero?

In fact, we never wanted to produce foosball tables. We just wanted, like anyone else, to play now and then. And like anyone else, we didn´t have a seperate room only for a foosball table... so we looked for a foldable / mobile table.

The result of this searching was very clearly: good tables aren´t mobile, and mobile tables aren´t good.

But, because we ourselves are manufaturers for mobile furniture, we thought: such a foosball table we just do ourselves... when we had had any idea about how complex that would be, we surely didn´t try... for just a "normal" foosball table is ambitious, and a mobile table of course even more.

Is the Libero expensive?

We all know, that you can get a reasonable table soccer for less money.
So, why does the Libero cost such a dear price? Because: valuable materials, complex construction, nice inventions, plus a lot of handcraft in a small serial costs a lot.

Of course, the table is completely manufactured in Germany.

From our point of view the question should rather be: why is the Libero nevertheless so low priced?

Is the Libero cheap?

As said before, you can get a proper table for less bucks. But anyhow, regrettably: the table should, for being a good business, be more expensive.

There is a simply reason why the price isn´t higher: we don´t earn our living with this enthusiasm project, we earn our money with the nice flix Buffet-System.

Are there technical specials?

Yep, loads: first of all, the Libero differs in materials and design... and, of course, in its mobility. Plus, there are some important differences for the real play, for example:

  • Playfield: allmost no death balls, and the possibility for precise shots.
  • Double bearings: even a very bent rod runs smoothl.
  • Pro-Bumper: made of a very special plastic-foam, indestructible.
  • Goal bank: integrated level edge: Balls that jump out of the field are history.
  • Extremely flat sidewall: best view into the playfield, without backache.

More: see "discover the Libero".

How differ the models?

The differences between the 3 Libero models are rather optically: all Libero models offer the same quality - and fun.

Difference Libero Classic - Libero Sport: the sole difference is the goal box. The goal box of the Libero Classic is made of Multiplex cut across in thin layers, stacked, glued, planed and carefully polished: very nice, but cost-intensive.

The small goal box of the Libero Sport is made of brushed aluminium focussing functionality. The Libero Sport is a pure fun-machine and a sporting ace. The question "Classic or Sport" is a matter of taste, and a matter of deepness of your wallet.

Difference Libero Sport - Libero Home: sole difference: without folding doors for taking out the players. Libero Home is less mobile but therefore features a beautiful and no-nonsense multiplex look.

The goal boxes can be put of without tools, and the legs can be folded into the corpus, so that the table could be stored space-saving.

How is it transported?

Car: with its lenghts of 118cm an widths of 78cm the Libero fits in allmost every trunk (you have to tilt the back seat)... please have a look: click

Truck: on one pallet you can put up to 4 Libero.

Streets and ways: the Libero has 2 rubber wheels and 2 hidden handholds. So it moves conveniently a lot of metres.

In home: it is more difficult to transport a built-on table soccer than a piano. It isn´t moveable untill rods and legs are removed. The Libero has the advantage of very compact dimensions - but still  2 people are needed to carry it e.g. on the stairs.

If you want to carry it often, we recommend the Libero Case.

How do I store it?

In the broom: the folded Libero needs very little space (0,24 m2) that fits everywhere!

Living room: we are planning a fine suit which turns the Libero it into a side board, a small armoire or a living room table.

Is it conform to ITSF Norm?

The Libero complies with any formalities (measuremets of playfield, players, goal width etc. etc.) of the international table soccer federation.

Please note: the Libero, such as more and more other itsf-tables, has the "short" playfield with the "goalie on the line".

To whom we recommend it?

The Libero is a table for people who not only like the match, but additional want to enjoy fine handicraft, design and technical mastery.

Fantastic, of course, it is for all those who want to store or transport a foosball table.

... and to whom not?

Basically every foosball table is able to produce loads of fun. Those who just want to play every now and then and who have enough space for a normal, non mobile table, can have this fun for smaller money too.

A good purchase advice you´ll get in your national foosball forums, in Germany for example here: www.tischfussball-online.com.